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Fandom Rant

Whoaaa its been a while.
Wassup LJ...

there is so much things that i need to write.
where do i begin??

Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko, it was like one moment they are, next moment oh wait they aren't, back and forth, back and forth honestly its tiring. These rumor have been around like forevaaah, i dunno Pi just admit it already LOL...uh noo my heart i'm not ready for this.

I dunno why I dont like KeiPi. Keiko seems like a really nice girl, cute, not my type tho...there's something missing...i can't put my fingers on, whaaat, you said its JEALOUSY....well that probably too, but there something else...well whatever it is just come out of the closet already, either its KeiPi or TomaPi, preferably the last one.

ooooh speaking of TomaPi, did you guys read this and this dbcfdcsjkdcsfvcnshfcfnsdjvskvcms, I know they were my OTP for some reason, this couple put the T on the OTP. never change guys ILYSFM together.

Yeah there is nothing interesting happening in my JPOP fandom ooh Code Blue puh-lease bring me my Yamapi weekly dose asap, so without i realize it these guys slowly taking over my life.

I really love them all -SEVEN of them- to pieces, I can't choose, i don't have a bias. Not hot passionate love like please married me love like the love i had towards Yamapi, but more like motherly love, i'm proud for them, i get protective about them, i wanna feed them food, sweets and stuff WTF i dont even get it, where is this motherly feeling coming from, and guys i'm only in my 20's i feel so frikiin old.

ugh...that was kind of weird, but yeah most of the time i feel like a proud mother step sister, who can't really sex them up, but allowed to perv about their hotness sometimes,..well because y'know we're not blood related or anything. OKAY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. that even weirder logic. whatever just ignored this paragraph.

Yang SeungHo

also my last rant.

while Pi is busy daite seniorita-ing THIS is my current DROOL.

He's just debut with MBLAQ as y'know their LEADER, well i guess i do have thing for leader, you guys should check it, their song Oh Yeah is pretty catchy, plus it produced by non other than the great RAIN.

yeah while everyone goin busy with OMFG Lee Joon abs UNF UNF...i was like meeeeh, Leader FTW!!

maybe some other time I'll do a full post about MBLAQ, just because...their Leader is so fuckin UNF.
Guarantee you can not deny his SEXY.