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Buzzer Beat Spazz

-- contain spoiler Buzzer Beat Episode 7--

For the first time, I finally able to catch Buzzer Beat live through KeyHole TV, why didn't I think of this before. KeyHole TV was made of Awesome minus the crappy quality and the commercial *picky picky* nobody's perfect, just be thankful you bitch!!!

From the very beginning of Buzzer Beat I never find the appeal of Kitagawa Keiko's character Riko. I find her slighly annoying, just slighly ok.
I find Natsuki has more depth than Riko, sure she's a ho and cheat on him/Naoki, I know there is no excuse for her cheating way, but if you follow the story closer you'd actually pity her. I'm rooting for Naoki to get back to her *snickers, impossible I know*
Whatever I'm still rooting for Naoki and the bitch from hell to get back together.

Okay so my hate for Riko grow deeper from Episode 6 til today Episode, wtf seriously she's just plainly annoying. Naoki was completely oblivious to the fact that she was after him, up to the point where she run after him to the training camp, wtf what an annoying little tramp.

The hug was great despite the fact that Naoki/Pi was not showing any kind of emotion whatsoever, I was like may be they were OTP after all, but the the little bitch got bolder and dicided to give Naoki a smooch, he was like ewwwwwwwww wtf girl. Here I give you a more scientific proof.

I kow this was supposed to be Naoki caught off guard expression, but puh lease...it was more like ewww girl and lips get the hell away ktnx.
hahaha I'm so random.

So on tonight episode they (Riko and Naoki) were bumping into the Supermarket...again...annoying bitch Riko got all embarrased?and run away, so Naoki being the perfect gentleman that he is, he run after her. they had some angsty conversation (don't ask me, my Japanese language understanding is ZERO) Okay, my guess it was goes something about Naoki saying to forget about the kiss it was suck anyway, maybe it was just the heat of the moment, let's be friends, bla bla, I have no interest in you or any women in general, the result was Naoki got a free slap on his face.*LOL*
For all the Riko and Naoki worshiper do not worry , they avoiding each other only for a short (too short. I think they decided speed up the story pace ) while and then there's another scene where Riko got all angsty and emo again, where she scream and convey all her hidden desire and feeling for Naoki, Naoki so touch and run after her, they perform the oh so perfect body fitting hug...again...here I was thinking that they keep teasing us with the hug but not deliver any shit in the end. Seriously if the hug was the ending I'm sooo convinced that Naoki is gay with Utsu. But yay they did surprise me in the end they frikiiiiin KISS, real kiss. Oh did I mention KeyHole TV with its crappy quality, so crappy that i can't even tell if it was a good kiss or average or another yawn JDrama kiss. Well the sexual tension was obviously there. I hope it was as great as I imagine it through crappy quality of KeyHole TV. Somebody make a GIF of teh kiss fast please!!!

Well that was great, but I still hate that pairing, I hate the fact Riko make it difficult for Naoki, and make him to be the unwanted person in Riko and the coach love story, too complicated, I feel so sorry for the coach. The scriptwriter better give him a decent plot, I don't want Naoki to end up as the bad guy.

On side note Mai and Shuji its so "kawaiiii" they were so cute, they almost kiss before the annoying Riko and her temper show up. blaah!!!

and oh yeah there was another random significant for the storyline Naoki bath scene *LOL*

all Screencaps credit to yamapi-blue


For all of you curious people out there, this what the ending look like ;

credit to Anisnasa

*Major nosebleed*
Yamaboobs in fact its capable of a decent kiss. *SHOCKING* Lucky bitch gets to kiss him like that.


Yamapi's Diary 23-08-09  HERE


Hamburger bento

Why am I attracted to this bento

When there's a choice between the fish bento and this
I have never considered taking the fish bento.

Cheese hamburger obento

Ikuta Toma has always been eating this (Laugh)

The last line just killed me, oh how I miss these two...
If only we live in a perfect world TomaPi will have a project together, or form a unit, oh wait that happened already, old Johnny tear them apart!!! Thanks a lot old dude!!!

All I can say is Pi have the weirdest way calling for Toma's attention.
I can tell that Pi miss desperate for his Toma.

Oh I can't wait for Toma's reply....<333
Because every dedicated fangirl knows that Toma read Pi's nikki, and so the other way around.

Home Sweet Home

I'm homeee...

oh the internet how i miss thee...

and by doing this make me one step closer to Tomohisa...hahaha dream on dreamer!!

Gazillion scans from yamapi-blue and watchful21 just make my day!!!!

Check on this one I mean seriously how do you live Tomohisa??? If I were that HOT, I'll definitely die from my own Heat.

the last time i went to Bali was 8 years ago... wow such a long time.....

I'm super excited, I'll be sure to thinking of you Tomohisa, I hope you got the chance to come and visit Bali, I promise you it will worth your time, the sun, the beach, the sand,....can't waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt *hyper*

oh before i forgot

Yasterday I went to the cinema to watch UP 3D...dhcfsjfvxhbjnvcjmbkmjcxjnK  the movie is AWESOME!!!!

It was started reaaallly funny, but then just when you thought it was just another sunday morning cartoon with a really good animation, the real story begin...hahahaha. i'm so bad with movie review.

Best qoute from the movie;

" do you know South America...?? it's like America, only souuuuuuth "

I lol'd so hard at that line....

Anywayz i'll be going to Bali for a week, I won't be bringing my laptop, it's sad, I hope when I get back my Tomohisa still single and wont proceeding anything with coughSuzukicoughAmi, bitch is uglieeeeeeeeh!!!


Hahahahaha JustJared are you being ambiguous!!
Couldn't agree more with your choice of word....

I hate RPatz with burning passion *stab my eyes with a fork after posting that picture*
He ruining Edward for me, why is he HOT again???

Open your eyes people he is FUGLY!!!


Ordinary World

A while ago I lend one of my real life friend who doesn’t know crap about JE some of my Yamapi’s dvd collection.

She started with Prodai and Prodai SP

And then move on to Kurosagi, Code Blue and the last one was Code Blue SP.

Her comment after watching the whole thing really amused me.

I was in the same room with her while she was finishing Code Blue SP, I was busy in my on world doing my thing, and then suddenly she commented;

“This guy *refer to Yamapi* pretty decent, but too bad he seems to stuck with the same role over and over again”

I was like D’oh-ing in my head; congratulation you’re only the 12536436 person to say that.

The only difference this time is her opinion is really count on my book, because there’s nothing biased about it, -especially since the only other JE drama she ever watched other than Yamapi’s is Hana Yori Dango, she thought that was crack, and she was can’t get over the fact how people fail around Matsujun (she thought he was fugly) hahaha- it was just her honest reaction after the dorama marathon.

Anyway like I say I can not judge Yamapi acting skill, because in my eyes even his flaw make him perfect, but I would never listen or believe to other fangirls criticizing too, the reason is I believe all of them are biased like me, most comment that criticize Yamapi’s drama doesn’t have enough stand point, mostly from Matsujun or Arashi fans who thought the only one that act worthy is Arashi, the other, mostly just hate Yamapi for no apparent reason, Code Blue suck. As in what way it sucks, could you elaborate it a bit more to me? As I am so very enjoying this Code Blue.

Anywayz so I’m glad to have some outsider looking perspective, because honestly, if you do no involved with the whole thing, you will see the matter a lot clearer.

And another comment she make had me laughing on the floor...

He sort of looks like that guy from Long Vacation isn’t he? *tries to remember KimuTaku name* Takuya Kimura….that’s it!! (KimuTaku soooo famous even people who doesn’t know crap about JE watched his drama)

I wonder if he is his son. *continuing mumbles to herself*

*me giggly* How old do you think KimuTaku is? And how old do you think that guy is *refer to Yamapi* do you think someone like KimuTaku could possibly had a son within his age *me, refer to yamapi again*

Well how old is he *mumble to herself again* 21, 22,…yeah it could be…

*me still giggly* Whaat?? Seriously do you think KimuTaku thaaaat old, is he look old enough to be the father of 21 something guy?? Is he look that old to you???

Well he doesn’t look old, but his age is another story, I’m sure his age is pretty ancient already. *firm reply*

*Me wtf-ing by myself*

Hahaha at least now I can confirm that I’m not thaaaat delusional for thinking Yamapi look like KimuTaku

Foreign DVD

For all of you Pi’s fangirls who diligently read his nikki diary or read lots of lots of his magazine interview translation like me I’m sure you notice this;

Yamapi kept on mentioning that he like to watched foreign DVD before he goes to sleep, or even better, he doesn’t need to sleep at all, he just pull on all nighters and watched this foreign DVD till morning and goes to work because he’s not even human.

this was what Yama-chan wrote on his nikki diary 27-07-09; you can find it here

Yesterday I watched foreign artistes' DVD again

Even till morning, I did not stop

Even if there's lack of sleep, it's alright

The time that is used to sleep will be wasted

During that time maybe some other things could be done!!


Dear Tomo-chan, I was just wondering what the hell is this foreign DVD all about?

So good that after you watched it you’d get excited and couldn’t sleep.

So good that you even dare to state that sleeping was a waste of time.

So Tomo-chan please enlightens me a little, what is this foreign DVD that you love so much?

I couldn’t help but think of one thing…

Is that foreign DVD cough-cough porn???


Dear Tomo-chan please prevent me for turning anymore perverted than I already am, and please, please stop called it foreign DVD, it sounded suspicious, and somehow dirty.



Our dear Yamashita-san yet making another LOL worthy post in his nikki diary.

Look who's talking now, you perverted twat!!!

I bet the last line killed million of million fangirls out there!!!

No wonder all your fans is perverted, you lead them on darling ;p

On side note, the coach is pretty hot too, seriously how old is he??

30 something??

His body is well build even look better then yama-chan. Yamashita look like an anorexic dwarf next to him.

arrrgh Pi...but that doesn't make you stop being my number one.

Seriously, Pi if you're looking for the very definition of manly, do not hesitate take note from him!

Doppelganger Edition Part Two

Kimura Takuya VS Yamashita Tomohisa


I’d get killed for saying this by millions of SMAP fans, but it’s kind of true, I’m just speaking my mind here.


Can you see the resemblance??




Take a look at again shall we…



All right there’s a slight feature resemblance, right?


The difference is, KimuTaku whole appearance impress on the whole rough, manliness and wild side, while Tomohisa, is more to the delicate build, metro sexual (slightly feminine) on the quiet side.


At least both of this beauties can pass on becoming long lost brother, cousin or (father and son, don’t kill me please, I do think KimuTaku look old enough to be Pi’s dad, or is it Pi who look young enough to be a child) on a drama.


Even if nobody gonna be agreeing with me about this, but in my defense, the whole thing could be just my excuse to post pretty pictures of the hotties that is Kimura Takuya and Yamashita Tomohisa ;p


Jerry Yan VS Lee Min Ho



They both play the leading role to the ever popular manga adaptation Hana Yori Dango, and important note both of them climb to their stardom from then on.

Jerry Yan Practically nobody before Meteor Garden and Now he is practically the King of Taiwanese drama.

Lee Min Ho had some drama, but nobody really cares until Boys Before Flowers, Now look at him, he’s everywhere, and everybody can’t stop talking how BBF is the best Hana Yori Dango adaptation (I get it okay, so stfu already) ever, there are still China but as for the development, so far so bad, nobody really counting on that.

Now where I am??

Well I’m lost.

Heck!! Just look at the pictures already. Do you see what I see??



At some angle, I think Pi also sort of look a like with Lee Min Ho

You can’t see it??

 My eyes deceived me...

Well may be it’s because, I spent most of my time daydreaming about Pi, and wishing that he appear on everything and anything so bad that I started to see him while watching Boys Before Flowers. *scares for my sanity*


On Location

You've seen this on live TV.

You've seen Yamapi blatantly massaging his moobs when the camera still rolling.

Somebody give the director an Emmy already, this should be categorize under "best series that understand how to please/cater a woman/ or gentleman (if they prefer)" award.


So if the drama already contain all that i mention above, did you ever wonder about what's going on on Buzzer Beat set/location when the light go off and the camera stop rolling.

So right now, if you're sitting alone at home, day dreaming and wondering wth goin on with that much beauties and testosterone under one roof is.

Do not alarm my dearest the internet it's a very scary wonderful place where you can always get anything you want vyith just one magnificent search engine called Google *LOL* You search, and you shall found what your heart desire. *wth too much Aladdin*

Look what i found girls!!! 

Pi and his obsession over his own bodyparts manliness.

(Oh Pi chan, i would oogle at that moobs 24/7 too if were you)

That guy, 0n the right totally envied Pi's moobs, while Junpei is totally happy to observe and drool over it (no, ssrly, he's totally checking Pi's moobs)

Bored with his moobs, now his attention turned to his washboard, yeah, who knows Pi your body can bring so much distraction!!
The guy on the right already giving up on comparing himself against Pi's body of Greed God, on the other hand, Junpei doesn't give up, look people he's still staring, with his mouth open, LOOK, i'm not imagining it.

Ooohh my dear Junpei, just give it up already, we know you only did this, so you had reason to touch Pi's arm of steel. this whole trick had  fanboy 101 textbook all over it.

Haha, not sure, this all what i been fantasizing all along, coz instead of manly, the whole scene sort of reminds me of girls sleepover party whereas everybody compare each other boobs and ass, and envied that hot bitch with 34 D Cup, and secretly planning  to rip her silicone when she was asleep.

Anyway, have fun fangirling and oogle over Pi's moobs girlies!!
thus, i shall leave you with  the most EPIC kissu, that Pi darling had ever done in his entire showbiz career.

I don't know about you but this kiss pwns all his drama kiss pawn it hard on the ass.

Take it bitches!!!