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Long time not see LJ

Excuse me while i'm having a Fangirl moment....

gawd...gawd Loveless MV is out...oooooooo...so frikiiin excited. okay beyond excited. 3jedsjdjaewdjkjnvfewee

and i dont even mind seeing other ppl posting about another 23e32304448449390 of Loveless screecaps. hahahaha, it eventually will irks me tho but not now...i'm just so excited, and i don't even watch that damn MV yet.

and oh did I mention there's a girl on Pi MV, whoooaaa JE you totally outdone yourselves, i mean a frikiiin chick standing next to Yamashita Tomohisa and the world didn't explode that just wow...and and and, they actually had splurge decent budget for this MV, seriously New York...i'm amazed.

yeah all the crappy MV that NewS had to bear, i guess they have been saving up for this epic MV. too bad NewS had to suffer ;p