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To be honest lately I find myself hanging out in the KPop fandom more than in my own fandom. I'm always a fan of the KPop music and some of the K-Drama, but never really a fangirl of any of KPop particular band/boyband. That is until i found 2PM, the beastly idol. Everything about them is a major fail. I love them all together, no discrimination, they complete each other. No less and no more.

That is way I'm on the edge of my seat watching the whole Jae Beom fiasco. I really hope that he can get over the whole thing, forgive himself, change for the better, and gain confident to stand on a stage as 2PM leader once again. Me who only had the chance to know him in a short period of time through the TV Screen/Internet is really sad losing a guy as talented/crazy/entertaining as Jae Beom, imagine the rest of his member who know him personally, and spend almost 5 year of their life together.

this is how awesome Jae is

Jae taking the escalator

Jae taking the stair

Jae taking the elevator

credit : 2PM Official Thread Soompi

OMFG Epic, is he crazy or waaat!!?? How can you not love him!

I know KPop fans had really bad reputation for being crazy and deranged, after the Yamapi incident, even me who sees the better in people convinced and scared of them (thank god my baby Pi come out alive) okay i'm rambling, what i'm saying is despite the crazy fangirl, there is actually some sane and civilized fangirl in KPop fandom.

Take Hottest for example, Hottest is the name of 2PM fans club. They are having a major fit regarding 2PM leader Jae Beom sudden resignation, but instead of burning down the JYPE head quarter they actually handle this matter in a very classy way, and very admirable too, I must say.

first is the silent protest

Hottest has mobilized over 1,500 fans over the internet through their website for a silent protest in front of JYP Entertainment building in Seoul on 13th September from 2pm.

I thought there would be blood bath, but this silent protest run smoothly and very civilized. They gather neatly on the side of the road so that it won't bother other people/work activities, even after the protest Hottest carefully clean up the place and picking up their trash so that they won't leave any mess.

And then there is the boycott things, I'm indifference about the whole boycott things, on one side it could work to pressure JYPE to bring Jae back, but on the other side there are 6 other guy to consider, what about their hopes and dreams, plus I don't think that Jae leaving 2PM so that his brothers had to suffer too.

And then,  there is various charity thing that Hottest do in order to share Jae social responsibility for offending the Korea/Korean. I totally forget the link, but there are money donation, blood donation etc.

and then there is also some interesting stuff that Hottest do in order to get Jae and JYPE attention.

the Sky Banner

whoaa, i gotta say that is pretty amazing, not to mention it cost a lot of money, wow some Hottest are rich!!

and this my personal fave, the flash mob dance...

my oh my... Hottest are amazing!

The other reason that i'm falling for 2PM beside for the awesomeness of the 2PM member itself its actually Hottest. I'm very touch with their loyalty, with their effort and with how united they all seems. Its very admirable despite their anger and disappointment they doing it all without causing a havoc, and actually channeling their energy for a good cause.