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wow...hold on one second, after the Friday mag article Yamapi and Seira Kagami dating and stuff...there is a lot rumor going on on the net, about these supposedly "lovebird" couple. As if trying to comprehend the fact that Yamapi and Dating is in one sentence to us fangirl already not hard enough, we have to suffer multiple attack from numerous of news, mags and article.

First is the Uwasako thing about Pi, Seira and Abiru (whuuuT??!!) are just friend. yes folk, Abiru as in Abiru Yuu, nation most notorious badgirl that stole the heart of JE golden boy, and hated by millions of crazed and deranged (yes, some are relatively normal, but i'm talking about a small amount of percentage in here, doesn't even need to be mention) fangirls First of all why is Abiru is even there and need to be mention?? i'm lost. but indeed this is very interesting. anyone smell what i smell??? hmmmm... i smell three some, manage a trois, anyone?? hahahaha whaaaat! keep your spirit up girlies.

and then there this video where Seira supposedly "declare" to the world that they are indeed dating or at least have personal relationship with each other. hmm don't ask me, i dont understand japanese, but from what i've read her answer is indeed implying that there is something going on between them. i don't know how long she have been in the entertainment industry, nor do i know her IQ level, but if she's smart and had fear for her own life knowing what happen if the antis and crazy deranged fangirl out there found out, she's better keep her mouth shut. and for us some of Pi's moderately sane fans who probably could be happy that Pi actually have a life outside of work now can't really accepted her as a good match for our beloved Pi after pulling this shit, we can't help to think that instead of a good loving relationship bitch wants publicity. If you're smart, shut the hell up. try to answer the question in a subtly and dignified way, instead of just laughing and grinning in every words, you look like a fool. I can't believe Pi would fall for this girl.

then the new one, the new and the most powerful rumor of all is that Pi and Seira Kagami already living together. Shocking.
here i quote some of the words;

"Well according to BUBKA, they spoke to a staffer who has proof, a photo, that the two have been living together. But the staffer doesn’t want any trouble with Y’s agency so they haven’t revealed it. (from a reporter at a weekly magazine)"

seriously the moral of this story rumor is PICTURE or IT DIDN"T HAPPEN!!! Ok thank you very much!!

well the good things is all of these rumor certainly heat up our beloved Pi's life. you know...i was getting tired of his JWeb entry, all he was doing is practicing basketball, shooting some scene, writing lyrics, going to the gym and waddaya know eat, this food, that food, i love him to bits and all but why is that he have to makes his life seems so...dull?!

it's good to know that after the light go off and the camera stop rolling there is a life out there waiting for him.