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Time to Say Goodbye

Fuck my life.

I’ve been so busy with everything and nothing lately, time flies without a chance for me to catch my breath.

There are two similar but difference story that I would like to share today.

First is the whole 2PM Jay Beom Park scandal if you called it that way. That led him to leave the 2PM group and go back to his hometown Seattle for good? Really!

I’m not a big fan, yet. But I’m on my way of going there when this whole thing go down.

For those who didn’t know what the source problem are you guys can check it HERE.

Well in brief the problem is the netizen dug out found Jay Beom myspace messages to his friend back in 2005, when he was still a trainee, his massage was generally about him wanting to go back to America, but in more gangsta or rude way and offensive to Korea and Korean.

May be I’m being biased and all but if we really think about it, he was still young, doesn’t speak Korean at all, away from his comfort zone as in his family and friends and dealing with the hardship of being a trainee, personally I don’t think there is any problem with his message because obviously it was personal means/read for netizen not for the public eye!!! not to mention he was I dunno 16/17 at that time and from America, everybody at that age is a gangsta wannabe esp Jay, since he had this whole BBoy crew and all back in Seattle, he must be feeling like he was the ultimate gangsta. It took me so looong trying to decipher the words, is that even English!lol!and using the words gay, it was more like a slang for lame, some of my friend back in high school say it when somebody listening to a boyband, they was all like “that’s so gay”.

I know it sort of offensive but when you’re 16/17 you don’t care about things like that, you are selfish, immature and trying hard to look cool most of the time. I will be in jail or at least get a law suit if somebody tracks back/record and present my private convos to the public eye.

There always a little KPop in me because they do make great, okay if it’s not great but they do make good music. Right now my guilty pleasure is 2PM and their cable show called WildBunny, they are the most un-idol idol that I ever see. Plus the show was a total crack. I’m so sad it end up this way. After watching WildBunny I can tell that Jay is really are the heart and soul of 2PM. I wonder what will happen to the 2PM boys, they are all seems really tight.

I wish the best of luck to Park Jae Beom, is so sad my love for him die before it even begin.

I hate you all Netizen!!! I hope you proud with what you did, driving Jae Beom out of Korea, take away all his hopes and dreams. All the hard work as a trainee, all his sweat, tears and blood that he thought would pay off after his debut is gone to waste now. Just remember THIS. And be proud of what you did!

Always Keep the Faith!!!

Uhm…okay wrong group, but you get the point!

Second story is about my maid/helper lady going back to her hometown to get married, I’m feeling really sad, she’s been with my family for about 6 year now, she’s younger than me for about 2 year, basically I had a feeling like we grown up together. She knows what my fave ice cream is, she know where I put my stuff, well let’s just say that she knew me too well.

This morning she knock on my bedroom door, I’m not so good with mornings and goodbyes, beside I was still sleepy. She gave me a hug and say, goodbye I’m leaving now, I was like…okay…still in dreamland, will you be coming back? And there this puzzle look on her face, we’ll see she said, which is mean that if her marriage talk is working she will never coming back, so this is really will be our lat convos, so this is really means goodbye. Me still sleepy and in dreamland, oh okay…take care now, bye, close my door and goes to sleep again.

But as I lay on my bed suddenly it hit me, god is this really goodbye. I lay awake for a minute just realizing what happened, after I come to my senses I tried to go downstairs to give her a proper goodbye, but she’s already gone. I’m so confuse, I don’t know what to do, I was even too sad to cry.

I know she’d never read this, but really, I wish you all the best, all the best the world could ever offer, if you do get married I hope you’ll be super happy and make lots of cute babies. Maybe someday fate will make us cross path again. I’ll remember you always and thank you for everything. From the bottom of my heart Thank You <333