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Fly To High Wiz NEWS

I missed these guys so much that I'm willing to put up with any shit for the sake to just watching them performs live TOGETHER!!!

Thank you KeyHole, you and your crappy quality are my savior. I should build a shrine for whoever invented KeyHole!!!

24hr TV Show, in conclusion : so frikin BOOOOOORING, I know its for good cause and all but I'm only watching it for NewS.

whatever call me superficial, I don't care!!! I just really really missed them together!!!

thus, I shall leave this post with some of the famous line from Kibou (Yell)

Fight For Win

Get Break&Thru

It's Time To Go

Fly To High Wiz NEWS

Whomever write the lyric I wonder what crack you're on!? care to share!?

Pure Genius.

P.S NewS please, please, please release something together, I don't care what as long as you guys doing it as NewS.
       They can be sex tape for all I care, just be together again a.s.a.p please!!!
       ah correction preferably if its sex tape okay ;p