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To repent my sin for momentarily crossing over to KPop fandom nowadays I'm googling a lot of chibi videos, mostly tomapis, sometimes Ryo. Chibi Pi was like the hottest thing ever while chibi Toma and Ryo the cutest little thing. I wanna squish them both.

my fave

Chibi Ryo with his squeaky voice and his fantastic Engrish skill trying to belt out The Jackson 5 Ben and ABC with the help of the ultimate OTP chibi TomaPi as the supporting vocal and back up dancer. Pure love!!!

Oh No the 24hr TV already starting!!

Right now they're showing Ryo SP Drama. Emo Ryo trying to punch his mother.

Come to think of it why Ryo always associate with violent/angst character, poor thing, in almost all of his drama there must be a scene that require him to fight or/and punch someone or something. Can't they just give him a happy love story with some EPIC kiss scene like Pi darling recently done.