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Killing Time

My fandom bored me to death.

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then I found myself googling for KPop stuff, and got hooked by 2PM show called Wild Bunny check it out HERE

the show is absolutely an amazing epic fail (in a a good way), I keep laughing uncontrollably in each of the scene.

before, I'm not exactly a 2PM fan, but this show alone make me fall in love with them.

I'm not exactly jumping with joy every time I heard one of their song, but this one particular song I Hate You, really catchy, not to mention that they try to brainwashed it into my brain by continuing to sing it raw in the Wild Bunny Show, I put in on repeat on my play list ever since.

Its only episode 6 now, but their cuteness epic fail already grow on me. Before I realize it I will be screaming "Sarang hae Jae Bum Oppa" in no time.

My personal fave

Park Jae Beom, despite of being the eldest member and the so-called leader of 2PM, his action is no less failed then my 5 year old cousin.
Really, its so funny seeing him act all cutesy and dorky at the same time with all those muscles and packs, not to mention he rock the pink color like nobody does, ohmy I sounded like a total fangirl!!!

Nickhun Horvejkul, for obvious reason, I mean jees just look at him, I bet all the noonas out there willing to work overtime just to take care of him, cuteness overload. I just wanna take him home, adopted him and feed him lots of sweet.

So guys, if you had too much free time in your hand like moi, go straight to your nearest youtube to catch this crack. I''m telling you now I swear this show is going to be prescribed by every professional doctor to be the cure against depression in not time.