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Here lay my utter most embarrassing rant and confession about my new found Obsession over JE (Johnny Entertainment) and it's Golden Boy Tomohisa Yamasita, and his adorable unit NewS, yeah and basicly just rant about my life in general.

If I add you as a friend, I must find you very entertaining and interesting, some of you may be a total stranger, but please do not alarm, i'm not a creep or anything.

and yeaah I'm so looking forward for new information about NewS, Tomohisa Yamashita and the rest of JE guys, I don't discriminate! So fandom please be nice and spread the infomation for new JE addict like moi.

Maido Ari

Yamapi and Ryo Withdraw From NewS

I've been so out of loop from the NewS fandom and just happened to stumble across this news.....
Man...I'm sad...really sad...like genuinely sad .
I wasn't as emotionally invested in them as i used to be...but still T__T this is heartbreaking.

and don't get me even started on their reasoning Pi and Ryo,...yeah actually just Pi cause Ryo actually had legit reason to get out...but Yamapi..... fuck....I hate all your solo, your movie, your drama, your new iphone and your stupid french girlfriend....and did i mention I hate you...cause just so you know...I FREAKIN HATE YOUR GUTS!!!!

P.S I'm sorry Pi, I still love you forever and ever. Maybe not right now...

Fandom Rant

Whoaaa its been a while.
Wassup LJ...

there is so much things that i need to write.
where do i begin??

Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko, it was like one moment they are, next moment oh wait they aren't, back and forth, back and forth honestly its tiring. These rumor have been around like forevaaah, i dunno Pi just admit it already LOL...uh noo my heart i'm not ready for this.

I dunno why I dont like KeiPi. Keiko seems like a really nice girl, cute, not my type tho...there's something missing...i can't put my fingers on, whaaat, you said its JEALOUSY....well that probably too, but there something else...well whatever it is just come out of the closet already, either its KeiPi or TomaPi, preferably the last one.

ooooh speaking of TomaPi, did you guys read this and this dbcfdcsjkdcsfvcnshfcfnsdjvskvcms, I know they were my OTP for some reason, this couple put the T on the OTP. never change guys ILYSFM together.

Yeah there is nothing interesting happening in my JPOP fandom ooh Code Blue puh-lease bring me my Yamapi weekly dose asap, so without i realize it these guys slowly taking over my life.

I really love them all -SEVEN of them- to pieces, I can't choose, i don't have a bias. Not hot passionate love like please married me love like the love i had towards Yamapi, but more like motherly love, i'm proud for them, i get protective about them, i wanna feed them food, sweets and stuff WTF i dont even get it, where is this motherly feeling coming from, and guys i'm only in my 20's i feel so frikiin old.

ugh...that was kind of weird, but yeah most of the time i feel like a proud mother step sister, who can't really sex them up, but allowed to perv about their hotness sometimes,..well because y'know we're not blood related or anything. OKAY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. that even weirder logic. whatever just ignored this paragraph.

Yang SeungHo

also my last rant.

while Pi is busy daite seniorita-ing THIS is my current DROOL.

He's just debut with MBLAQ as y'know their LEADER, well i guess i do have thing for leader, you guys should check it, their song Oh Yeah is pretty catchy, plus it produced by non other than the great RAIN.

yeah while everyone goin busy with OMFG Lee Joon abs UNF UNF...i was like meeeeh, Leader FTW!!

maybe some other time I'll do a full post about MBLAQ, just because...their Leader is so fuckin UNF.
Guarantee you can not deny his SEXY.

Ignore this Post

Long time not see LJ

Excuse me while i'm having a Fangirl moment....

gawd...gawd Loveless MV is out...oooooooo...so frikiiin excited. okay beyond excited. 3jedsjdjaewdjkjnvfewee

and i dont even mind seeing other ppl posting about another 23e32304448449390 of Loveless screecaps. hahahaha, it eventually will irks me tho but not now...i'm just so excited, and i don't even watch that damn MV yet.

and oh did I mention there's a girl on Pi MV, whoooaaa JE you totally outdone yourselves, i mean a frikiiin chick standing next to Yamashita Tomohisa and the world didn't explode that just wow...and and and, they actually had splurge decent budget for this MV, seriously New York...i'm amazed.

yeah all the crappy MV that NewS had to bear, i guess they have been saving up for this epic MV. too bad NewS had to suffer ;p


To be honest lately I find myself hanging out in the KPop fandom more than in my own fandom. I'm always a fan of the KPop music and some of the K-Drama, but never really a fangirl of any of KPop particular band/boyband. That is until i found 2PM, the beastly idol. Everything about them is a major fail. I love them all together, no discrimination, they complete each other. No less and no more.

That is way I'm on the edge of my seat watching the whole Jae Beom fiasco. I really hope that he can get over the whole thing, forgive himself, change for the better, and gain confident to stand on a stage as 2PM leader once again. Me who only had the chance to know him in a short period of time through the TV Screen/Internet is really sad losing a guy as talented/crazy/entertaining as Jae Beom, imagine the rest of his member who know him personally, and spend almost 5 year of their life together.

this is how awesome Jae is

Jae taking the escalator

Jae taking the stair

Jae taking the elevator

credit : 2PM Official Thread Soompi

OMFG Epic, is he crazy or waaat!!?? How can you not love him!

I know KPop fans had really bad reputation for being crazy and deranged, after the Yamapi incident, even me who sees the better in people convinced and scared of them (thank god my baby Pi come out alive) okay i'm rambling, what i'm saying is despite the crazy fangirl, there is actually some sane and civilized fangirl in KPop fandom.

Take Hottest for example, Hottest is the name of 2PM fans club. They are having a major fit regarding 2PM leader Jae Beom sudden resignation, but instead of burning down the JYPE head quarter they actually handle this matter in a very classy way, and very admirable too, I must say.

first is the silent protest

Hottest has mobilized over 1,500 fans over the internet through their website for a silent protest in front of JYP Entertainment building in Seoul on 13th September from 2pm.

I thought there would be blood bath, but this silent protest run smoothly and very civilized. They gather neatly on the side of the road so that it won't bother other people/work activities, even after the protest Hottest carefully clean up the place and picking up their trash so that they won't leave any mess.

And then there is the boycott things, I'm indifference about the whole boycott things, on one side it could work to pressure JYPE to bring Jae back, but on the other side there are 6 other guy to consider, what about their hopes and dreams, plus I don't think that Jae leaving 2PM so that his brothers had to suffer too.

And then,  there is various charity thing that Hottest do in order to share Jae social responsibility for offending the Korea/Korean. I totally forget the link, but there are money donation, blood donation etc.

and then there is also some interesting stuff that Hottest do in order to get Jae and JYPE attention.

the Sky Banner

whoaa, i gotta say that is pretty amazing, not to mention it cost a lot of money, wow some Hottest are rich!!

and this my personal fave, the flash mob dance...

my oh my... Hottest are amazing!

The other reason that i'm falling for 2PM beside for the awesomeness of the 2PM member itself its actually Hottest. I'm very touch with their loyalty, with their effort and with how united they all seems. Its very admirable despite their anger and disappointment they doing it all without causing a havoc, and actually channeling their energy for a good cause.


wow...hold on one second, after the Friday mag article Yamapi and Seira Kagami dating and stuff...there is a lot rumor going on on the net, about these supposedly "lovebird" couple. As if trying to comprehend the fact that Yamapi and Dating is in one sentence to us fangirl already not hard enough, we have to suffer multiple attack from numerous of news, mags and article.

First is the Uwasako thing about Pi, Seira and Abiru (whuuuT??!!) are just friend. yes folk, Abiru as in Abiru Yuu, nation most notorious badgirl that stole the heart of JE golden boy, and hated by millions of crazed and deranged (yes, some are relatively normal, but i'm talking about a small amount of percentage in here, doesn't even need to be mention) fangirls First of all why is Abiru is even there and need to be mention?? i'm lost. but indeed this is very interesting. anyone smell what i smell??? hmmmm... i smell three some, manage a trois, anyone?? hahahaha whaaaat! keep your spirit up girlies.

and then there this video where Seira supposedly "declare" to the world that they are indeed dating or at least have personal relationship with each other. hmm don't ask me, i dont understand japanese, but from what i've read her answer is indeed implying that there is something going on between them. i don't know how long she have been in the entertainment industry, nor do i know her IQ level, but if she's smart and had fear for her own life knowing what happen if the antis and crazy deranged fangirl out there found out, she's better keep her mouth shut. and for us some of Pi's moderately sane fans who probably could be happy that Pi actually have a life outside of work now can't really accepted her as a good match for our beloved Pi after pulling this shit, we can't help to think that instead of a good loving relationship bitch wants publicity. If you're smart, shut the hell up. try to answer the question in a subtly and dignified way, instead of just laughing and grinning in every words, you look like a fool. I can't believe Pi would fall for this girl.

then the new one, the new and the most powerful rumor of all is that Pi and Seira Kagami already living together. Shocking.
here i quote some of the words;

"Well according to BUBKA, they spoke to a staffer who has proof, a photo, that the two have been living together. But the staffer doesn’t want any trouble with Y’s agency so they haven’t revealed it. (from a reporter at a weekly magazine)"

seriously the moral of this story rumor is PICTURE or IT DIDN"T HAPPEN!!! Ok thank you very much!!

well the good things is all of these rumor certainly heat up our beloved Pi's life. you know...i was getting tired of his JWeb entry, all he was doing is practicing basketball, shooting some scene, writing lyrics, going to the gym and waddaya know eat, this food, that food, i love him to bits and all but why is that he have to makes his life seems so...dull?!

it's good to know that after the light go off and the camera stop rolling there is a life out there waiting for him.

Time to Say Goodbye

Fuck my life.

I’ve been so busy with everything and nothing lately, time flies without a chance for me to catch my breath.

There are two similar but difference story that I would like to share today.

First is the whole 2PM Jay Beom Park scandal if you called it that way. That led him to leave the 2PM group and go back to his hometown Seattle for good? Really!

I’m not a big fan, yet. But I’m on my way of going there when this whole thing go down.

For those who didn’t know what the source problem are you guys can check it HERE.

Well in brief the problem is the netizen dug out found Jay Beom myspace messages to his friend back in 2005, when he was still a trainee, his massage was generally about him wanting to go back to America, but in more gangsta or rude way and offensive to Korea and Korean.

May be I’m being biased and all but if we really think about it, he was still young, doesn’t speak Korean at all, away from his comfort zone as in his family and friends and dealing with the hardship of being a trainee, personally I don’t think there is any problem with his message because obviously it was personal means/read for netizen not for the public eye!!! not to mention he was I dunno 16/17 at that time and from America, everybody at that age is a gangsta wannabe esp Jay, since he had this whole BBoy crew and all back in Seattle, he must be feeling like he was the ultimate gangsta. It took me so looong trying to decipher the words, is that even English!lol!and using the words gay, it was more like a slang for lame, some of my friend back in high school say it when somebody listening to a boyband, they was all like “that’s so gay”.

I know it sort of offensive but when you’re 16/17 you don’t care about things like that, you are selfish, immature and trying hard to look cool most of the time. I will be in jail or at least get a law suit if somebody tracks back/record and present my private convos to the public eye.

There always a little KPop in me because they do make great, okay if it’s not great but they do make good music. Right now my guilty pleasure is 2PM and their cable show called WildBunny, they are the most un-idol idol that I ever see. Plus the show was a total crack. I’m so sad it end up this way. After watching WildBunny I can tell that Jay is really are the heart and soul of 2PM. I wonder what will happen to the 2PM boys, they are all seems really tight.

I wish the best of luck to Park Jae Beom, is so sad my love for him die before it even begin.

I hate you all Netizen!!! I hope you proud with what you did, driving Jae Beom out of Korea, take away all his hopes and dreams. All the hard work as a trainee, all his sweat, tears and blood that he thought would pay off after his debut is gone to waste now. Just remember THIS. And be proud of what you did!

Always Keep the Faith!!!

Uhm…okay wrong group, but you get the point!

Second story is about my maid/helper lady going back to her hometown to get married, I’m feeling really sad, she’s been with my family for about 6 year now, she’s younger than me for about 2 year, basically I had a feeling like we grown up together. She knows what my fave ice cream is, she know where I put my stuff, well let’s just say that she knew me too well.

This morning she knock on my bedroom door, I’m not so good with mornings and goodbyes, beside I was still sleepy. She gave me a hug and say, goodbye I’m leaving now, I was like…okay…still in dreamland, will you be coming back? And there this puzzle look on her face, we’ll see she said, which is mean that if her marriage talk is working she will never coming back, so this is really will be our lat convos, so this is really means goodbye. Me still sleepy and in dreamland, oh okay…take care now, bye, close my door and goes to sleep again.

But as I lay on my bed suddenly it hit me, god is this really goodbye. I lay awake for a minute just realizing what happened, after I come to my senses I tried to go downstairs to give her a proper goodbye, but she’s already gone. I’m so confuse, I don’t know what to do, I was even too sad to cry.

I know she’d never read this, but really, I wish you all the best, all the best the world could ever offer, if you do get married I hope you’ll be super happy and make lots of cute babies. Maybe someday fate will make us cross path again. I’ll remember you always and thank you for everything. From the bottom of my heart Thank You <333

Fly To High Wiz NEWS

I missed these guys so much that I'm willing to put up with any shit for the sake to just watching them performs live TOGETHER!!!

Thank you KeyHole, you and your crappy quality are my savior. I should build a shrine for whoever invented KeyHole!!!

24hr TV Show, in conclusion : so frikin BOOOOOORING, I know its for good cause and all but I'm only watching it for NewS.

whatever call me superficial, I don't care!!! I just really really missed them together!!!

thus, I shall leave this post with some of the famous line from Kibou (Yell)

Fight For Win

Get Break&Thru

It's Time To Go

Fly To High Wiz NEWS

Whomever write the lyric I wonder what crack you're on!? care to share!?

Pure Genius.

P.S NewS please, please, please release something together, I don't care what as long as you guys doing it as NewS.
       They can be sex tape for all I care, just be together again a.s.a.p please!!!
       ah correction preferably if its sex tape okay ;p



To repent my sin for momentarily crossing over to KPop fandom nowadays I'm googling a lot of chibi videos, mostly tomapis, sometimes Ryo. Chibi Pi was like the hottest thing ever while chibi Toma and Ryo the cutest little thing. I wanna squish them both.

my fave

Chibi Ryo with his squeaky voice and his fantastic Engrish skill trying to belt out The Jackson 5 Ben and ABC with the help of the ultimate OTP chibi TomaPi as the supporting vocal and back up dancer. Pure love!!!

Oh No the 24hr TV already starting!!

Right now they're showing Ryo SP Drama. Emo Ryo trying to punch his mother.

Come to think of it why Ryo always associate with violent/angst character, poor thing, in almost all of his drama there must be a scene that require him to fight or/and punch someone or something. Can't they just give him a happy love story with some EPIC kiss scene like Pi darling recently done.

Killing Time

My fandom bored me to death.

Photo credit to

then I found myself googling for KPop stuff, and got hooked by 2PM show called Wild Bunny check it out HERE

the show is absolutely an amazing epic fail (in a a good way), I keep laughing uncontrollably in each of the scene.

before, I'm not exactly a 2PM fan, but this show alone make me fall in love with them.

I'm not exactly jumping with joy every time I heard one of their song, but this one particular song I Hate You, really catchy, not to mention that they try to brainwashed it into my brain by continuing to sing it raw in the Wild Bunny Show, I put in on repeat on my play list ever since.

Its only episode 6 now, but their cuteness epic fail already grow on me. Before I realize it I will be screaming "Sarang hae Jae Bum Oppa" in no time.

My personal fave

Park Jae Beom, despite of being the eldest member and the so-called leader of 2PM, his action is no less failed then my 5 year old cousin.
Really, its so funny seeing him act all cutesy and dorky at the same time with all those muscles and packs, not to mention he rock the pink color like nobody does, ohmy I sounded like a total fangirl!!!

Nickhun Horvejkul, for obvious reason, I mean jees just look at him, I bet all the noonas out there willing to work overtime just to take care of him, cuteness overload. I just wanna take him home, adopted him and feed him lots of sweet.

So guys, if you had too much free time in your hand like moi, go straight to your nearest youtube to catch this crack. I''m telling you now I swear this show is going to be prescribed by every professional doctor to be the cure against depression in not time.